Wintergrass Is Here

Wintergrass?  What’s that?  Some sort of herb?  No, it’s the short name for the annual Wintergrass Festival currently being held in the Bellevue Hyatt.  The festival is an annual event but this is its first time in Bellevue.  It includes three days of acoustical workshops and, more importantly, the best of bluegrass music!!  Here’s a video describing Wintergrass for more information.  We are thrilled to host two stages this weekend with favorites such as Shearwater Bluegrass Band, One Horse Shy, Absynth Quintet, Grapevine, and the Rangers and Re-Arrangers (possibly my favorite band name!) — see the full lineup and schedule here.    

Little did we know our new Sales Manager Reagan Meyers is a HUGE bluegrass fan and has been to many, many festivals, banjo in hand!  We got her to share her thoughts on why Wintergrass is the best of the best!   Now we’ve just got to get video of her and her banjo!!


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