Dine Around is Back

Chef Erik CarlsonMarch kicks off a month of “Dine Around Seattle.”  We have participated twice a year since we opened and love Dine Around because it offers our guests a chance to sample lots of items off our menu for cheap!!  (We know you love this, too!)  This year is more special because our Chef and menu are new to most of you, too.  Chef Erik took a few minutes out to offer a video demonstrate the preparation of his Polenta Cakes and Local Mushroom Ragout.  Then, he went on to present a great lunch combo for Dine Around.  In the video, he describes a sample three course lunch offered on our Dine Around menu in Bellevue.   He highlights local products used in our dishes such as bread from Essential Bakery, Pleasant Valley Gouda cheese, Northwest mushrooms, and cookies from Dessert Works

If you haven’t been in to meet him yet, come on in.  Chef Erik is around most evenings and happy to share with you his philosophy and answer any questions.


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